Covid-19: Urgent measures for the university community

Covid-19: Urgent measures for the university community


Covid-19: Urgent measures for the university community (students, incl. Chinese undergraduate students who have not entered Korea)


Academic Schedule

  1. st Semester: Mon, March 16 2020 ~ Fri, June 19 2020
    (14 weeks in total, 15hrs/1credit)

In-class activities are suspended until Sunday, March 29 2020 and it may be extended depending on the situation of Covid-19.
(During this period, SNU strongly recommends all members to refrain from coming to school or conducting any other types of group activities.)

Distant learning Methods & Guide

Distant learning methods can be used anytime during the teaching period.

Online Teaching

Real-time online lecture(through using video conferencing system like “ZOOM”), Recording lecture through eTL, Using lectures from SNUON and K-MOOC

Assignments and Discussions

Register assignments on eTL classrooms, on-line classroom discussions


Real-time online lecture: Attendance checked through eTL(or attendance can be checked on ZOOM)

Lectures provided through eTL: Attendance checked through eTL (Students can take the recorded lectures, SNUON, SNU K-MOOC through eTL.)

Other universities K-MOOC lectures: Attendance will be acknowledged by submitting a proof of course completion to the professor.


Information on exams will be informed by professors.

Online Learning Methods


Participation Methods




Real-Time Online Lecture

Using ZOOM

(Install ZOON in advance.)

Connecting Link will be provided by professors.

Exams are to be conducted offline.


Final Exam will be conducted.


Midterm exam will be informed by each professor.

When entering the class, please write your name./ When you enter through eTL, attendance can be checked.


Video Recording

Take uploaded courses on weekly basis through eTL.

Video lectures are recorded by each professor.




Other universities’ K-MOOC lectures

Take designated courses on K-MOOC website and submit a proof to the professor(or TA).

Please check the total completion time. It will be used for acknowledging class time.

Online Learning Guide

○ A real-time online lecture will be given at the designated time of the university lecture timetable. So, students need to be online on-time.

○ When taking a course through eTL, attendance will be checked. There may be additional assignments.

○ If taking a K-MOOC course, it must be the subject that professor assigned.

Students who cannot participate offline lectures due to travel restrictions, quarantine, etc., they can take courses and take exams through online. (However, its specific methods must be consulted with professors in advance.)

Chinese students can take courses and earn credits through “Korea National Open University”. (The university will inform hese students individually.)


Guide for Assignments and Discussions

There will be Assignments or Discussion sessions prepared through eTL. Students must participate in these activities through eTL in order to get their attendance acknowledgement.


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