Career Paths

Career paths for industrial engineering students (past three years)

career paths

In many cases, undergraduate students from the industrial engineering department decide to apply to graduate school to further their in-depth research activity. For those students who decide to go out to the industry, they tend to start their career in global companies in various industries (supply chain, communication, finance, and automotive sectors). The latest trends among recent graduates are to start their career in system integration and consulting companies, as the role of information technology is gaining more importance. Also, some students find their first jobs in planning, strategy, and managerial positions in venture companies, as well as finding their way into venture capital companies and industrial software solution development companies. Within the company, our industrial engineering graduates are gaining managerial experiences or becoming professional engineers in key departments, such as production planning and management, product planning development, management innovation, quality management, information system or project management. Industrial engineers can lead successful careers through systematic thinking, comprehensive and methodical approach to problems, utilizing planning skills, analytical and logical problem solving skills, information technology implementation skills and leadership, unique to the discipline. These skills are required skills to become a successful manager in various organizations within the company.